Bailey Ladder An Aussie Legendary Ladder Creator

Bailey Ladders is marketed as Australia’s number one ladder brand, and for a very good reason. It boosts the one of most diverse range on the market globally, with over two hundred products and accessories and counting as well. From home use to the heavy-duty industrial applications, its commitment to innovation, quality and safety have won the brand many fans domestically and internationally, and a strong niche in a home improvement and a commercial building industries.

The legacy continues to build. In the year 2016, Australia’s largest ladder brand caps its rise to the top rung by marking its 60th anniversary. Founded as a small operation in the Sydney in the year 1956 by Bill Bailey Sr, the company grew substantially under the aggressive leadership the founder’s eldest son, Bill Bailey, Jr. Using his mechanical engineering background and the foundation established by his father, Bailey Jr established a new facility in the Brisbane in the year 1970. With a vision of adding a new dimension of safety to the ladder frames, he dedicated over a decade of a research and development in upgrading the manufacturing process at the Brisbane plant.


Bailey and his kudos platform step ladder

Bailey and his kudos platform step ladder

The resulting technology was Punchlock, which forms the foundation of all the kind of products which are manufactured and supplied by the company to the market today. Punchlock technology, combined with a unique double with a hollow tread design, gives all products the distinct advantages of strength, stiffness, and the durability as well.

The family remained in a control until the month of December in the year 1990 when the Hills Industries Limited, listed on Australian Stock Exchange, bought the business from the Bailey family. Following a further expansion and an investment in the new technologies, in the year 2013, a new chapter opened with the acquisition of the firm by a Werner Co., the world’s largest ladder manufacturer, based in the Pennsylvania and a home to many of the world’s most iconic ladder brands. The acquisition not only provided Bailey with a new range of technologies and the manufacturing practices, but also a global distribution model that introduced the brand to new customers and the new markets.


There are several kinds of reasons as to why the company continues to raise the bar and win a loyal band of the customers. Its diverse range is a vote winner. The ladders of all heights and uses are part of its suite including the step stools, a single-sided, a double-sided, a dual purpose, the platform step ladders, trestles and planks, the order picking kind of ladders & extension ladders as well. Specific to the electrical industry, the company has also pioneered the manufacturing of the fibreglass-based ladders to limit any kind of risks of electronic shock.

For the contractor and industrial building community, its mobile scaffolding products are designed for both the transport and efficiency. Both lightweight & strong, the mobile scaffolding units can be set-up and pulled down within few minutes, and are a common feature on the building sites.

The functional aspects are just one area where the company’s products stand apart. Bailey also deserves kudos on the design principles of its products. As previously mentioned, the punchlock technology as a hallmark of all its units. Although widely used in the manufacturing of aluminium and the fibreglass extension kind of ladders for many years, punchlock has shown its longevity in the market and its ability to withstand years of use and general wear-and-tear.

Its double hollow tread complements the durability of punchlock technology. The unique tread shape provides numerous benefits including greater resistance compared to the more traditional C’ section treads because of the upper & lower webs which are being supported strongly by flanges at the top and bottom. Testing has also shown that this tread kind of shape has a minimal deformation below heavy loads.

The range’s unique tri-bracing support system serves several key purposes. Safety and support are maximized through the tri-bracing design, which stiffen a tread to stile the connections. Furthermore, tri-bracing supports firmly over longer lengths (distances) along stile & the tread as compared to the strip brace that only give support at the top & bottom points of its contact. Of equal importance to safety, the solid and triangular in shape frequently closes off at any open voids on the frame that could potentially catch clothing/body parts.

The light weight design is another feature that continues to satisfy customers and earn the company consistently high reviews. Powered by punchlock, double hollow tread, and ti-bracing designs, it excels in delivering products that are mobile and easy to manoeuvre. For example, high strength six thousand series aluminium alloys are essential components of its product range capable of both reduce weight and minimizing a need for the additional structural supports.

From a functional and design perspective, the company’s range is too difficult to fault. It is clear that durability, efficiency and safety form the foundation of all bailey ladders and scaffolding products it manufactures. Backed by the reputation of the Werner Co, all the products are under warranty for defects, adding an additional layer of trust.

Ensuring that you, the consumer, buy the right ladder for your personal specifications and the level of use is clearly important to the company. Its brand goes for the individual touch allowing consumers to play around with different heights, load bearings, and usage to add an element of customization to choosing your ideal ladder.

Load rating is also front of mind, Its Professional Range now has a 150kg or 170kg industrial load rating. This is the range aimed at those who use their ladder every day and need a product they can trust, year after year. For the home renovator, the firm’s Household Range has a load bearing of 100kg domestic products.

Price wise, the entire product is middle of the road. Across its entire range, it occupies the median position in both the home and industrial sectors. In other words, a Bailey product will not break the bank, nor will it likely depreciate in functionality or usability.

Buoyed by a legacy of quality, a commitment to safety and a dedication towards both innovation and efficiency, the company’s diverse range is an easy fit for all manners of domestic, trade or professional use.

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