Topless Services in the Gold Coast and Brisbane Area

If you are looking for topless waitresses to spice up an event, whether you are hosting an event for the boys or need a bit of entertainment for a party, there are quite a few options available to you, many of which offer a large amount of customization and plenty of extras to make it the night of your life. Keep in mind these services are produced to make you happy, so anything you can think of that is not covered here can probably be directed towards any of these excellent companies.

Elite strippers pride itself on its options to you for the amount of dress they wear while entertaining at your party. Whether there is lingerie or bare skin involved, these beautiful women aim to please and provide excellent and sexy services for whatever you desire. Each waitress is listed on their website for the Gold Coast and Brisbane area, and you are allowed to choose as many (or as few) of their large selection as you need to. Additionally, Elite strippers provides packages for party organizing not only limited to waitressing but poker dealers as well. Whether it’s a party on the coastline or a secluded get-together, Elite has you covered. Sexual services are not provided.

Babes Downunder, serving the Gold Coast and Brisbane, has a list of waitresses to choose from on their website as well, with a count of over 62 beautiful ladies waiting to make your night as special and wild as you need it. Babes Downunder aims to please with “first class service”, promises quality performances and, that each and every woman not only brings flavor to the party, and that the specific selection of your choice is exactly what you receive. Packages are also available for social events, and the business is best contacted to view additional ladies as well as options for bookings. Sexual services are not provided by nude waitresses but can be added on to your package.

Femme Fatale Models promises fun and fantasy with their skimpy barmaids, plenty of gorgeous women to suit every need, and a woman for every occasion. Women are available to certain areas, and if a specific woman does not generally serve your area, travel arrangements can be done. Packages include topless waitresses Brisbane (who do not provide the sexual services), and a huge variety of services for the party, which also include lap dances, X-rated shows, topless poker, breakfast, and the option to create a package specifically designed with you in mind. Topless woman can, however, provide lap dances upon request.


Glamor Entertainment provides your women in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for all types of parties, including poker and topless cocktail waitressing, providing you with efficient, sexy service where everything is taken care of for you. In addition, “progressive” waitresses are offered, which promise to wear less and less as the night goes on. Though Glamor has fewer waitresses to choose from, you can guarantee they do not skimp out on what they do best. Most topless waitresses are bundled with X-rated shows, including fisting, fruits and vegetables, and lesbian scenes to provide you with a little extra talent to go along with your servers for the day or night.

Sexy Time Entertainment, proclaiming itself as the largest Australian adult entertainment agency offers topless servers in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Busty and petite women are available for any sort of function, ranging from buxom blondes to tattooed brunettes, with over eight pages of ladies to choose from, and an exclusive cast of women only available by contacting their headquarters. Sexy Time Entertainment does not offer more with their waitressing, and each deal will require a specific waitress in order to fulfill the order. Waitressing has a two-hour minimum for each event and does not provide sexual services.

Bucksbunnies has been a long-time standing agency with a small but solid selection of ladies to choose from in your area, ranging from small breasted to large, natural and implants, and everything in between. Certain topless waitresses that you may want to choose offer more services than others, such as X-rated shows with fruits and vegetables, lesbian, strip shows, and costumes. Bucksbunnies also promises to refund your deposits if the girls you choose are not what arrive on your doorstep, which is not something many other agencies can provide. Bucksbunnies also promises to provide a professional and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

Flawlessfx offers a fairly unique range of predominantly large breasted ladies available to you when it is convenient. Adult entertainment is fluid and can range from timid to raunchy whenever you need it to, depending on what sort of party you are throwing and when you need to have it done. Additionally, flawlessfx provides events specific to their brand of party, including naked jelly wrestling and the usual poker games with a professional, topless dealer.

Glamor Promotions also offers a wide range of models and beautiful, brazen waitresses paired with shows and X-rated scenes specifically tailored by you, with either lone ladies or pairs. Many of the packages last four roughly six hours and have a maximum of four ladies to attend a party. Packages are slim pickings, but the ladies themselves bring a lot to the table, whether they are topless or otherwise to satiate you and your guests’ desires. Waitresses themselves do not perform sexual acts but do keep in mind that your lovely topless ladies fit right in with the rest of them to ensure your drinks are topped off and everyone has a great time.

Whether you’re hosting a casual event, a divorce party, your 21st, and everything in between, many of these adult entertainment businesses can provide you with whatever it is you need to have a successful party. The list provided is a small taste of what is offered locally, but each place comes with their own specially designed packages and ladies suited to cover every and any possible venue under the sun. Keep in touch with each place if you have any ideas regarding a sexy stag party event.

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